Update Your Vendor Profile

Self-Update/make changes to your Business Profile:

Now that you are approved and active at the Marysville 3rd St Farmers Market, you as a Vendors have a profile that can be viewed by thousands of customers on the EFM website at https://marysville3rdstfarmersmarket.com/vendors-2023/

But what if you need to change a date when you are attending the Farmers Market, or change your photo, or website?

Did you know you can make these changes yourself? No need to contact the Market Manager.

1.All you need to do is click this link https://maryvillefm.mymarket.org/ .
2.Register your profile, if you have not already done so, using the email you used when you filled out your application with the Everett Farmers Market.
3.Already registered to update your profile, then just sign in.